End of Life Care



People have the right to choose where they wish to spend the last days of their lives. For many people this will be to remain at home in familiar surroundings.


Majesty Healthcare provides essential domiciliary care and support to enable you and your family to make this choice.


We can design an end of life care plan with you and, where you wish it, your family or friends. Our domiciliary care service will then be tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. We value and respect each person’s spirituality and their right to dignified care at this time of their lives.


End of life care can help those with a terminal illness or terminal condition that has become advanced, progressive and incurable.  


End of life care is personal for each individual client, each having unique needs for information and support.


Majesty Healthcare can help ensure that a client is comfortable and supported within their home environment.  We are experienced in working with relevant health teams and professionals to ensure a co-ordinated and seamless service.

  • Choices and priorities of our customer are at the centre of Majesty Healthcare planning and delivery.
  • Open and sensitive communication – our customer, families and friends are well informed about the range of options and resources available to them to be involved with care planning.
  • Care is delivered in a sensitive, person-centred way, taking account of circumstances, wishes and priorities of the customer, family and friends.
  • Our care workers are experienced and fully trained in end of life care and are supported to develop further knowledge and skills.





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