Physical Disabilities Care



We provide care for those with physical disabilities


Majesty Healthcare provide a professional service which can help maximise independence. We understand that our clients have varying needs. Frequently we help with elements of personal care such as help with getting up, with everyday tasks like cooking, laundry, washing and showering.


However, our service goes further than this. Our ethic is to help people enjoy as full a life as possible. We help people to be independent and enjoy a life that is purposeful and meaningful is equally important to us all.


If you have a physical disability (or someone living with you has) you may need assistance to enable you to use essential facilities in your home, for instance the bathroom or kitchen. Or you may need help with personal care, or for accessing the community.



People who have Physical Disabilities have the right to a full and active life and it is our role to make this possible.

Having a physical disability should not prevent you from leading a full and active life where you are involved in your local community. 


Majesty Healthcare can provide you with tailor-made support and assistance, delivered by caring professionals enabling you to live life to its full potential.


Contact our office to arrange a physical disabilities care and support service for you.






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